For more than two years we have been very successfully operating on the market with high-quality Porsche models. What sets us apart is our pursuit to perfection and the passion with which we run the company.

Our recipe for success is based on buying vehicles with a good basis and history and then perfecting them. All our vehicles are technically checked and repaired accordingly and provided with a new service. Only after a car has gone through this complete process will it be sold by us.

It is important to us that the focus is on the customer, so we react to special wishes and requirements with conversion measures and repairs.

Transparency and honesty are part of our claim, and every customer is informed in advance about the condition of the respective vehicle.

We don't consider ourselves "typical car dealers", we are collectors and treat all our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Just drop by and experience our philosophy personally with an espresso and a petrol chat.